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The Market

The demand for manpower has grown. But probably as equally significant is the company’s zeal
to be of service to those who seek its assistance in generating quality manpower.
The worldwide search for manpower parallels the increasing demands of socioeconomic growth
and progress. This is true whether in developed or developing countries.
The demand corresponds to actual and projected needs. And these needs are many and varied.
It is meeting these requirements that make manpower recruitment and mobilization a vital,
 if often difficult, activity as the elements of competitive costs, selectiveness, reliability,
timely delivery and such other vital consideration come into play.
The manpower market will always be there. In government projects, in private companies.
For short or long durations. Its suppliers, therefore, must skillfully meet its demands.

That is why PACIFIC MANPOWER RESOURCE PTE. LTD was founded to help raise the manpower
requirements and to respond qualitatively to the need. It is a company meant to serve.
PACIFIC MANPOWER RESOURCE PTE. LTD Supply foreign worker from China(PRC),Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Philippine, Bangladesh,South Korean, Taiwan and the rest of the world.

With each new assignment, our workers have to work with unfamiliar people, new procedures
and changing routines. It is our responsibility to ensure that the transition goes on smoothly
as possible. This make far more confident and better-prepared workers. We follow up with selected
applicants till they commerce their duty as well as we keep in touch with the client even later to
get feedback regarding the workers performance.


Provider of Recruitment Sulotions
Our Proven Methodology

● Skilled and unskilled workers
● Welders
● Fabricators
● Marine Fitters
● Pipe Fitters, Instrument Fitters
● Mechanical Fitters
● Instrumentation Technician
● Riggers, Scaffold
● Sandblasters, Grinders
● Construction Workers
● Drivers, Heavy Equipment etc
● Heavy Equipment operators etc
● Draftsman, CAD Operator, Other Computer Designer
● Office Secretaries and Clerical Personnel
● Communications network workers and special lists, such as radio, television, cable-TV .etc

● Professional managers,
● Accountants and book-keepers.
middleandtop level
● Engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical. etc )
Architect , Senior Architect ,Architect Planner
● Hoteliers (food attendant, room attendant)
● Chefs ( Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie etc)
● Domestic Helpers
Physicians ,
nurses and other healthcare professionals such as Physical Therapists,

seminar organizers,
● Computer Technicians Programmers
● Occupational Therapists, Radiologic Technicians, Medical Technologies, Pharmacists, etc.
Teachers ,●lectures and trainers
● Waitress / Waiter / Cashier
● Beautician
● Bakers / Cake Decorator /Pastry Maker /Chocolate Maker
● Sales Ladies/ Sales Man
● Fast Food Manager/ Supervisor/ Food Commissary


We can provide various TRADE TEST at OUR TESTING
CNC Milling Test,
Conventional Milling Test,
Conventional Lathe Test,
Welding Test,
Brick Laying Test,
Scaffolding Test .etc


● Understanding Client’s Needs
● Candidates Search
● Qualifying Candidates(Technical    

    Screening & Profiling)
● Final Selection(by client)
● Administration
● Commencement & Follow-Up

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