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● Skilled and unskilled workers
● Welders
● Fabricators
● Marine Fitters
● Pipe Fitters, Instrument Fitters
● Mechanical Fitters
● Instrumentation Technician
● Riggers, Scaffold
● Sandblasters, Grinders
● Construction Workers
● Drivers, Heavy Equipment etc
● Heavy Equipment operators etc
● Draftsman, CAD Operator, Other Computer Designer
● Office Secretaries and Clerical Personnel
● Communications network workers and special lists, such as radio, television, cable-TV .etc

● Professional managers, middle and
● Accountants and book-keepers.
top level
● Engineers (civil, electrical, mechanical. etc )
● Architect , Senior Architect ,Architect Planner
● Hoteliers (food attendant, room attendant)
● Chefs ( Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Chef de Partie etc)
● Domestic Helpers
● Physicians , nurses and other healthcare professionals such as Physical Therapists,

● Occupational Therapists, Radiologic Technicians, Medical Technologies, Pharmacists, etc.
● Computer Technicians Programmers
● Teachers , seminar organizers, lectures and trainers
● Waitress / Waiter / Cashier
● Beautician
● Bakers / Cake Decorator /Pastry Maker /Chocolate Maker
● Sales Ladies/ Sales Man
● Fast Food Manager/ Supervisor/ Food Commissary


We can provide various TRADE TEST at OUR TESTING
CNC Milling Test,
Conventional Milling Test,
Conventional Lathe Test,
Welding Test,
Brick Laying Test,
Scaffolding Test .etc


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